my neighbor has a really pretty tree :o

So what’s this pretty tree’s name?


my neighbor has a really pretty tree :o

So what’s this pretty tree’s name?

I think I’m getting better about it, but what really sucks is that I always feel the need to express my disgust if I’m talking about a fanfiction or whatever that includes kissing (I mostly see it in fanfiction ‘cause I avoid nearly everything else that includes it.) 

Like, the thing is, it doesn’t actually disgust me that much. Yeah, kissing does, but just reading that some characters did without actually hearing or seeing it? Not that bad. 

I just feel like I always have to mention it (Oh, I loved this story! There’s a kissing part, but overlooking that…) just to keep my “reputation” as someone who hates kissing. 

And it’s really dumb that I feel that way ‘cause honestly, I feel it’s a bit disrespectful to the author and no one actually cares whether I think kissing is gross or not (including one person who wanted to kiss me. Oops, always going back to that. Probably will always go back to that. This took a dark turn quickly…)

But I’m trying to do better. If I like a fic, I will try to simply say that I do, no more. I will bring up my disgust with kissing only when it’s actually relevant (like, never, apparently)




we know what naomi made cas do to dean.

but what did she make castiel do to sam.

and don’t even give me that “she didn’t even worry about that” bull shit.


There was a warehouse that was full of dead Deans. Naomi was finally satisfied with the progress she’d made with Castiel in regards to his friendship with the older Winchester.

She had planned on doing the same thing with replicas of the younger one, but changed her mind when she saw Castiel’s memories of him. She saw that he was already capable of, and had in fact already done the most hurtful thing he could have to the younger Winchester.

She also saw that tearing down the mental wall in Sam’s head was one of Castiel’s greatest regrets and he wished desperately that he’d never done it.

To train Castiel, all she did was make him relive that moment and commit the same act over and over again until he was dulled to the emotional impact of it.



when disabled people say that we are only disabled because society disables us, we fucking mean it.

everyone has their own needs and requirements, but a certain group of those needs are considered “normal”, and society is so completely built to cater to those needs that no one even realizes that they need assistance for those things, because dealing with those issues has never been a problem. 

disabled people, on the other hand, have different needs. these needs are not assumed by society, and so no one provides for them. if our needs were just as assumed as everyone else’s, we would not be disabled and would be able to function just fine. but they aren’t, and when we ask for help so we can go about our daily business, abled people throw a fit because we need things that they don’t.